Episode 066: Loud Pussy


This episode we talk about loved ones dying, Sloane going viral again, cat and dog murder, pregnancy woes and Sloane’s Montreal babymoon. We start off with a heartfelt goodbye to Ben’s grandfather, who he thinks trolled everyone on his deathbed and Sloane talks about wanting to wear pieces of Paul after he dies. Sloane goes viral again, and Ben wants her to troll her upcoming interviews with misinformation. Sloane’s cat then decides to bellow melodically in the background and Ben tells us about his dog almost getting “old-yeller’d” at his Halloween party. Sloane gets real with us and her underwear situation and Ben asks how her Montreal babymoon was. Spoilers: Not good. Paul joins the podcast to talk about the shit-museum biodome and the shitty ghost-tour they went on. It’s all shits and giggles this week on the Reel Stupid Podcast!

Episode 065: Halloween Creeptacular Part 2


The creepy clowns and upcoming election have nothing on us: this week we talk about serial killers, cannibal island hijinks, various hauntings and an unsolved murder with youtube evidence. Ben starts us off with the Dating Game Killer and Sloane debates whether being a serial killer is nurture or nature. After a quick Rosemary’s Baby chat, Sloane gives us The Nazino Affair which involves Russians, refugees, cannibals, handfuls of flour and diarrhea. Ben gives us a bunch of haunted quick hitters, and Sloane creeps us out once again with an unsolved haddock murder spree. Get your youtubes ready, the last story of the night is creepy as fuck. Sloane tells us the story of Elisa Lam. But don’t take our word for it, see it right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQcTuTXpj3c All that and more, this week on the Reel Stupid Podcast!

Episode 064: Halloween Creeptacular Part 1


This week we delve into the spooky as fall blooms it’s deathly chill all around us. We talk flies on Hillary, the Toolbox Murderer, skinwalkers, Morgellons disease, and the haunted Boston house. After Sloane does her sexy Boris Karloff impression, Ben talks about Alex Jones and the proof he has that Hillary is a fly demon or something. Sloane tells us about the time she met Obama and Ben asks her to tell a mild creepy story. What follows is the most fucked up trigger warning story that’ll keep you up at night. Goddamn. Sloane then tells her mild story about skinwalkers and Ben tells us about how he always wanted to see a chupacabra. Then it’s Ben’s turn to creep out Sloane and he tells her all about Morgellons Disease which makes her almost throw up. Seriously. We round out the episode with a visit from Paul to as Sloane tells us of horrific dreams and Paul tells us of unexplained loud noises. Someone or something doesn’t want this story told. Listen in to find out how it expresses itself. Creepy stories abound this week on the Reel Stupid Podcast!

Episode 063: #KenBone


This week we talk about children going insane, Sloane’s twitter madness, and pussy grabbing politics. Sloane and Paul are worried about SIDS and Ben says his 3 year old doesn’t need a monitor anymore. Sloane has gone twitter crazy; absolutely loves Ken Bone and Ben describes this election as a popularity contest. Sloane gets into a tweet war with a Trump supporter and Ben plans on trolling all of his Facebook friends. Plenty of locker room talk this episode with swollen and meaty pussies, this week on the Reel Stupid Podcast!