Episode 058: Chinese Gender Probabilities


This week, food and babies. Ben had a BBQ that nobody went to, and Sloane lives vicariously through Edna’s sandbox shenanigans. The duo talk food and Sloane recounts the time she ate sea-cucumber uterus. Yep, you read that correctly. Ben calls the places that Sloane eats “booshie” and the person who made these notes has to look that word up to figure out what the fuck they were talking about. The food talk continues with pepperoni bread and duck fat fries, with Ben yelling at Sloane for how much she spends on simple food. After the food talk, Sloane and Ben look up the Chinese Baby Gender Chart to see if Sloane is having a boy or a girl, then they run down all the old-wives-tales to see which gender is more prominent. Dorst tells the tales of his 7 year old who has apparently gone mad, and Sloane starts to regret the whole “pregnant” thing. Live it up with food and babies, this week on the Reel Stupid Podcast!

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