Episode 059: Soul Numbers


This week we have more baby talk, some Juan news, astrology, numerology and sweaty tits. Sloane finally figures out what kind of child she is spawning and her husband is absolutely over the moon. Ben got to watch an exclusive gender reveal balloon thing and the duo talk about this new gender reveal party trend that’s sweeping the nation. Ben and Sloane talk about which gender is easier to raise, boys or girls, and Ben give us the hot tips. More teases for “Thanks for Glistening” and we get a special Juan story. After a quick mention of circumcision and washing fat cocks, Sloane breaks out her Astrology and Numerology knowledge and picks apart who Ben’s kids are, and what they’re going to be. And right before they leave us for another week, Sloane talks about her sweaty tits and Ben mentions scary clowns. It’s the Reel Stupid Podcast!

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