Episode 060: Love in the time of Zika


This week we talk Reddit trolls, animals that vomit their babies, kids in sports and the most disgusting dog in the world. Sloane sends her pregnancy announcement out into the world and is met with some pretty harsh criticisms. Ben reads us the comments and then has some choice criticisms of his own. Sloane got her first baby onesie and Paul can’t believe that babies come that long. Which of course leads into a discussion about how some animals vomit their babies out. Coach Ben comes on the show to talk about how his team of little girls became little women in 85 degree weather, and Sloane recounts how her only sports were theater and circle jerks. Our hosts end the show with a story about how is disgusting feral rat ate some jizz and how important pet dogs are to small children. It’s another amazing episode of the Reel Stupid Podcast!

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