Episode 061: Don’t talk to Stray Dogs


Take a journey into the macabre this week with Jonbenet talk, serial killer love and big loose piles of cat shit. Ben interrupts Sloane’s two hour Jonbenet documentary and so the duo have to break it down. Sloane proclaims her love for dead beauty queens and Ben admonishes her Halloween costume choices. Sloane reads the ransom note in a “French” accent, and it’s the funniest thing you will hear all week. Period. Ben talks about how the 90s were great for American crime and Sloane tells us all to google Robert Pickton. Don’t. After talking about disappointed suicide bombers in the afterlife, Ben tells us of his 13 hour trip to Las Vegas. Sloane attempts to teach Ben a word and Ben tells Sloane about his new puppy named Chewie. From dogs to cats as Sloane tells us all about her shitty cat and how it leaves hot cat piss all over the place. It’s another crazy week on the Reel Stupid Podcast!

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