Episode 062: Cheese Nausea


On this episode we talk about self driving cars, wiping yourself, babymoons and Samoa Bundt cakes. Ben took his daughter to a car show on a golf course and Sloane recounts ruining her father’s Maserati with In n Out. The conversation moves to self driving cars and Paul pops in to talk about the morality of cars killing dogs and not squirrels. Ben is an old man who doesn’t understand Snapchat, but Sloane explains that it’s social media for your dick. The trains starts to derail when Sloane expounds her difficulty on finding the correct hole to wipe after peeing and Ben starts asking very personal questions about her used tampons. Sloane throws up after too much blue cheese and Ben warns her of other foods not to eat. Luckily, Sloane has a babymoon coming up, but unluckily it was planned around food she shouldn’t eat, sorry Paul. We round up the episode with Sloane asking Ben a series of questions about his favorites, but it quickly degenerates into a mindblowing discussion about homemade Samoa Bundt Cakes. It’s the Reel Stupid Podcast!

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