About the Podcast

We decided to do this podcast because for years, whenever anyone brought up a classic film quote or reference Sloane would laugh and say, “oh yeah, that’s a GREAT movie!” But the truth is, she’s only seen like, maybe 10 movies. And they are movies like “From Justin to Kelly” or “Glitter”. Which, according to Sloane, are great films. Sloane’s had a very hard time avoiding classic films her entire life. Especially because when someone finds out she hasn’t seen “Caddyshack” or “Jaws” they immediately make her sit down and watch it with them. And then they stare at her the entire time to make sure she’s enjoying it.

That’s not enjoyable.

So we’re going to watch every classic film from the comfort of our City Furniture sofa and then discuss it. It’s going to be shitty, and Sloane’s going to be stoned, and Paul’s going to fall asleep about 20 minutes in to each film, but Sloane’s made a promise to herself to finally watch every movie that’s worth seeing.

The first part of each podcast is going to Sloane explaining her version of the film with knowledge gleaned from the zeitgeist surrounding the film. Then Paul and Sloane will watch the film and discuss it. It’s a groundbreaking idea. Just kidding, there are probably 67,000 podcasts like this, but whatever. Oh, and occasionally Sloane is going to make Paul watch a girly classic that he hasn’t seen, like “Titanic.”

Holy shit, that’s such a good movie, can’t believe Paul hasn’t seen that.

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