Episode 062: Cheese Nausea


On this episode we talk about self driving cars, wiping yourself, babymoons and Samoa Bundt cakes. Ben took his daughter to a car show on a golf course and Sloane recounts ruining her father’s Maserati with In n Out. The conversation moves to self driving cars and Paul pops in to talk about the morality of cars killing dogs and not squirrels. Ben is an old man who doesn’t understand Snapchat, but Sloane explains that it’s social media for your dick. The trains starts to derail when Sloane expounds her difficulty on finding the correct hole to wipe after peeing and Ben starts asking very personal questions about her used tampons. Sloane throws up after too much blue cheese and Ben warns her of other foods not to eat. Luckily, Sloane has a babymoon coming up, but unluckily it was planned around food she shouldn’t eat, sorry Paul. We round up the episode with Sloane asking Ben a series of questions about his favorites, but it quickly degenerates into a mindblowing discussion about homemade Samoa Bundt Cakes. It’s the Reel Stupid Podcast!

Episode 061: Don’t talk to Stray Dogs


Take a journey into the macabre this week with Jonbenet talk, serial killer love and big loose piles of cat shit. Ben interrupts Sloane’s two hour Jonbenet documentary and so the duo have to break it down. Sloane proclaims her love for dead beauty queens and Ben admonishes her Halloween costume choices. Sloane reads the ransom note in a “French” accent, and it’s the funniest thing you will hear all week. Period. Ben talks about how the 90s were great for American crime and Sloane tells us all to google Robert Pickton. Don’t. After talking about disappointed suicide bombers in the afterlife, Ben tells us of his 13 hour trip to Las Vegas. Sloane attempts to teach Ben a word and Ben tells Sloane about his new puppy named Chewie. From dogs to cats as Sloane tells us all about her shitty cat and how it leaves hot cat piss all over the place. It’s another crazy week on the Reel Stupid Podcast!

Episode 060: Love in the time of Zika


This week we talk Reddit trolls, animals that vomit their babies, kids in sports and the most disgusting dog in the world. Sloane sends her pregnancy announcement out into the world and is met with some pretty harsh criticisms. Ben reads us the comments and then has some choice criticisms of his own. Sloane got her first baby onesie and Paul can’t believe that babies come that long. Which of course leads into a discussion about how some animals vomit their babies out. Coach Ben comes on the show to talk about how his team of little girls became little women in 85 degree weather, and Sloane recounts how her only sports were theater and circle jerks. Our hosts end the show with a story about how is disgusting feral rat ate some jizz and how important pet dogs are to small children. It’s another amazing episode of the Reel Stupid Podcast!

Episode 059: Soul Numbers


This week we have more baby talk, some Juan news, astrology, numerology and sweaty tits. Sloane finally figures out what kind of child she is spawning and her husband is absolutely over the moon. Ben got to watch an exclusive gender reveal balloon thing and the duo talk about this new gender reveal party trend that’s sweeping the nation. Ben and Sloane talk about which gender is easier to raise, boys or girls, and Ben give us the hot tips. More teases for “Thanks for Glistening” and we get a special Juan story. After a quick mention of circumcision and washing fat cocks, Sloane breaks out her Astrology and Numerology knowledge and picks apart who Ben’s kids are, and what they’re going to be. And right before they leave us for another week, Sloane talks about her sweaty tits and Ben mentions scary clowns. It’s the Reel Stupid Podcast!

Episode 058: Chinese Gender Probabilities


This week, food and babies. Ben had a BBQ that nobody went to, and Sloane lives vicariously through Edna’s sandbox shenanigans. The duo talk food and Sloane recounts the time she ate sea-cucumber uterus. Yep, you read that correctly. Ben calls the places that Sloane eats “booshie” and the person who made these notes has to look that word up to figure out what the fuck they were talking about. The food talk continues with pepperoni bread and duck fat fries, with Ben yelling at Sloane for how much she spends on simple food. After the food talk, Sloane and Ben look up the Chinese Baby Gender Chart to see if Sloane is having a boy or a girl, then they run down all the old-wives-tales to see which gender is more prominent. Dorst tells the tales of his 7 year old who has apparently gone mad, and Sloane starts to regret the whole “pregnant” thing. Live it up with food and babies, this week on the Reel Stupid Podcast!