Episode 057: Sweet Touches

rsp 57

Another week another podcast.
Ben waxes intellectual on Zika and we welcome Sloane back to Florida, where the mosquitoes are being defeated by copious amounts of DEET. There are a few arguments about the veracity of Turkey Bacon and we discover that everything Sloane eats is organic (even her 6 lbs bag of gummy bears). The two fall into a video game pit and Sloane realizes that there’s money to be made if she becomes a “Twitch Bitch.” Listen in as we get the most un-sexy sexy story that Sloane has ever told, it’ll make you want to run home and wash your pillows. Ben throws shade at his other podcasting partner and talks about parenting, how to parent, and how best to punish your children. Enjoy this “eclectic” episode of the Reel Stupid Podcast!

Episode 056: Deep Fried Pig Nipple


We’re back! Again!

After a two week hiatus, Ben and Sloane are back to tell their tales of mischief and pregnancy. Sloane has moved out of Florida (WHY?!) and Ben has to talk her off the ledge while explaining pregnancy brain. For some reason, Sloane now has a personal chef, but can’t stand the ‘K’ word and Ben needs to have some words with bra buying family members. The episode is wrapped up with Ellen, Usain, LeBron, Shaq and The Rock. Find out why on this brand new episode of Reel Stupid Podcast!

Also, FYI, don’t mail keys in the mail.

Episode 055: Inappropriate Touch

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump embraces his daughter Ivanka after she delivered a speech on the final night of the Republican National Convention at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio on July 21, 2016. / AFP / Jim WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Recorded 7-24-2016

It’s another week of fun on RSP!  Sloane is tired… So tired. Does Sloane need a DNA test for the baby?  Dorst picked an interesting source for all of his RNC new this week.  An appearance by Daddy Paul and our porn tendencies this week.  So much to talk about and so little time.  It’s Reel Stupid!!!!

Episode 054: No More Salami


Recorded 7-19-2016

New intro this week same stupid show.  We have a huge announcement this week.  The show has a certian “theme”.  Hint Hint.  Sloane is having trouble sleeping and Paul snores.  Julia has some advice for everyone and so much more this week.  Grab your salami and strap in folks… It’s Reel Stupid!

Episode 053: Hangover

feather duster

Recorded 07/10/2016

Short one this week as both Sloane and Ben were a little “under the weather”.  Even though it’s a little short don’t think for a second that it is not a jam packed.  Pokemon, one night stands and whiskey all in one show!  Ben had an experience once with ropes, Sloane is a reverse Lucy and even more that we cannot type here.  So grab an old fashion and bust out the feather duster, it’s Reel Stupid!