Episode 064: Halloween Creeptacular Part 1


This week we delve into the spooky as fall blooms it’s deathly chill all around us. We talk flies on Hillary, the Toolbox Murderer, skinwalkers, Morgellons disease, and the haunted Boston house. After Sloane does her sexy Boris Karloff impression, Ben talks about Alex Jones and the proof he has that Hillary is a fly demon or something. Sloane tells us about the time she met Obama and Ben asks her to tell a mild creepy story. What follows is the most fucked up trigger warning story that’ll keep you up at night. Goddamn. Sloane then tells her mild story about skinwalkers and Ben tells us about how he always wanted to see a chupacabra. Then it’s Ben’s turn to creep out Sloane and he tells her all about Morgellons Disease which makes her almost throw up. Seriously. We round out the episode with a visit from Paul to as Sloane tells us of horrific dreams and Paul tells us of unexplained loud noises. Someone or something doesn’t want this story told. Listen in to find out how it expresses itself. Creepy stories abound this week on the Reel Stupid Podcast!

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